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What You Need to Know About Mattress Density

When shopping for a mattress, most people make mistakes while choosing a suitable one. Typically, people don’t understand clearly the distinction between the size and quality of a mattress. Some will tend to believe that the larger the thickness of a mattress, the denser it is. Besides, others suppose that a hard mattress indicates a higher density. Well, there is absolutely more to the density of a mattress than most people perceive.

The density of a mattress is directly associated to its mass which denotes that a heavier mattress is relatively denser compared to a lighter one of similar size. As much as the firmness of a mattress may also be an aspect defining density, a mattress may be dense but still feel soft. In this article, we shall compare and contrast high-density foam vs low-density mattresses providing an acumen to help you choose one that will suit your comfort requirements.

Different Mattress Density Qualities

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It would be inappropriate to point out the specific appropriate mattress density for someone. Different people fancy different kinds of mattress qualities, which is also affected by factors such as affordability. Here are some of such attributes and their characteristics, based on the density.

  • High-density foam mattress

These are the mattresses that contain the most foam as per cubic foot, mostly more than 5lbs. They are usually made of high-density latex and memory foam. They offer maximum support to a sleeper leaving them feeling like they are sleeping on a hard top. They are ideal for couples, people who frequently move while asleep, and those who might be experiencing back pains. Their temperatures rise more rapidly when you sleep on them; hence, they are not perfect for hot sleepers. They are highly durable though and do not soften or break down quickly. They might be a little more expensive thereby reducing their affordability. If not well maintained, they tend to produce odor due to the high amount of foam present in them. Their average lifespan is approximately ten years signifying that they may be perfect for you.

  • Low-density foam mattress

These types of mattresses less than 3lbs of foam in a cubic foot hence the lightest form. They deform more easily which means that a sleeper tends to sink more in time of sleep. It does not trap too much heat and therefore does not cause discomfort to hot sleepers. They are ideal for light-weight sleeper and side sleepers as they allow for the sinking of their hips. They experience reduced off-gassing therefore ideal for smell allergic sleepers as well. They do not last for long as they break down and soften quickly. They do not provide efficient support to sleepers suffering from back pains.

Choosing a suitable mattress density

With insight on different densities in a mattress and how they suit different sleepers, you can now make a brilliant choice for your mattress. Therefore, here are some of the factors you need to consider while choosing a mattress.

– Affordability: the main factor to consider is the much you have budgeted for a mattress. The type you choose should be within the budget constraints; therefore, establish the price first before making a decision.

– Body conditions: before buying a mattress, you need to consider your existing body conditions such as allergic to off-gassing and back pains.

– Sleeping positions: different mattress densities will favor different sleeping postures. Therefore, you need to identify your sleeping position and consider a mattress that will suit you.

– Body weight: your body weight affects the longevity of a mattress. A heavyweight person will suit a high-density mattress while a lightweight might consider low-density mattresses.

The Essence of Mattress Density

The issue of firmness may be out of the question as your preference will determine how firm you want your mattress. However, besides density contributing significantly towards enhancing coziness, it affects several other aspects. Some of these factors include:

  1. Pain prevention and alleviation

Higher density mattresses have a feature known as pressure point relief and support. It supports every body part thereby accommodating different sleeping postures. Depending on your fancied position, you can choose different firmness, say like a back sleeper would opt for a firmer mattress than a side sleeper who would require a softer one to accommodate for their hips. People with conditions such as arthritis and joint pains usually benefit from a denser mattress as it keeps the body alignment in place.

  1. Endurance and durability

Highly dense mattresses are essential in that they are durable as compared to low dense ones. They can last for an extended period while still retaining their original shape. Most of the low-density mattresses get deformed after a while thereby causing discomfort. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the coziness of a mattress for long, you should consider a high-density mattress.

  1. Motion exclusion

For couples, it might be tough to sleep comfortably on a low-density mattress. Such a mattress forms waves on the points of sleeping thereby decreasing comfort. That mainly happens for those who turn so much in their sleep or frequently move in and out of bed. A high-density mattress curbs the effect as it does not readily deform.

  1. Temperature response

A higher density mattress does not return to its initial shape after being deformed. Besides, they are more sensitive to temperature thus feeling gooey immediately you sleep on them. To some people, that feels excellent while some dislike the feeling. Low-density mattress upswells faster after deforming thereby causing comfort to those people who frequently change positions in their sleep.


High-density mattresses are reportedly sold at a higher rate in the recent past. People consider them due to their numerous benefits compared to other qualities. Unless you have an existing condition that may inhibit you from sleeping on a high-density mattress, it is advisable you put them on trial and get a whole new sleeping experience.